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Two build problems

From: Noah Lavine
Subject: Two build problems
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2012 14:40:41 -0400


I hit two errors while building recent Guile, one of which I have diagnosed.

First problem:

At first, I couldn't build lib/striconveh.c. Here's what I think was
wrong: Make doesn't know that lib/striconveh.c depends on
lib/unitypes.h. This is a problem because lib/unitypes.h is generated
from lib/, but because Make doesn't know about the
dependency, it doesn't bother to generate lib/unitypes.h before
building striconveh.c, thus generating an error.

Here's some evidence that this is true: when I manually make
lib/unitypes.h and then make Guile the regular way, the build
succeeds. (I actually decided this by manually following the includes
and noticing that lib/unitypes.h doesn't exist, then looking in the
Makefile to find out why.)

I'm not quite sure what the right fix is, for two reasons. First of
all, the dependency isn't direct - lib/striconveh.c includes
lib/unistr.h, which then includes lib/unitypes.h. So maybe
lib/unistr.h should depend on lib/unitypes.h, and striconveh.c
shouldn't be directly involved. Second, I believe lib/ actually comes
from gnulib, and I don't know how that's organized. So I don't know if
this is a Guile bug or a gnulib bug.

Second problem:

Since I could fix the first one by hand, I decided to go ahead and
build Guile. That's when I discovered that even though lib/unitypes.h
exists, it's not being included by lib/unistr.h when building files in
the libguile/ directory (even though it works fine when building
things in the lib/ directory). Therefore, an include path is messed up

lib/unistr.h says this: #include "unitypes.h".

But when I try to build bytevectors.c, I get lots of errors from
lib/unistr.h that seem to be based on a lack of macros from
lib/unitypes.h. As an experiment, I added the line "#error" to
lib/unitypes.h. As expected, the preprocessor and compiler didn't
compain about it, which I think means that they're never looking in
lib/unitypes.h when building libguile/bytevectors.c. This is a

Unfortunately, I don't know how to fix this one. Defining the macro
INCLUDES in libguile/Makefile to -I../lib:./lib doesn't seem to help.


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