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propose deprecation of generalized-vector-*

From: Daniel Llorens
Subject: propose deprecation of generalized-vector-*
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2012 16:49:39 +0200


today I filed a bug on generalized-vector->list

I remember similar bugs in the past, and I'm thinking that these functions are 
redundant since we have array-ref, array->list, and so on, which also work on 
strings, uniform vectors, etc.

The only generalized-vector-? function that doesn't have a direct array-? 
correspondence is generalized-vector-length. However, even for arrays of rank > 
1 it is often convenient to have a function such as

(array-length a) = (car (array-dimensions a))

or maybe

(array-length a) = (fold * 1 (array-dimensions a))

Personally I'd favor the first as there's nothing to compute, but either would 
work to replace generalized-vector-length.

Possible objections:

— generalized-vector-? may be marginally faster than array-?

Both need to do a bunch of type checks and dispatching, and 
generalized-vector-? needs to check rank anyway, so I'm guessing this doesn't 
matter. We could do some benchmarking.

— generalized-vector-? acts as an extra check on rank

array-ref will flag rank errors, so this objection applies only to -length and 
->list. I do not think this is important because it's usually clear from the 
code whether you're dealing with arrays of rank > 1 or not. But on this I'd 
like to hear from users of generalized-vector-?.

TLDR, I propose to remove the generalized-vector-? functions since the array-? 
set can replace them.



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