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Appending Queues

From: Noah Lavine
Subject: Appending Queues
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2012 15:59:50 -0400


I was just working on a project that used (ice-9 q), and I found that
I needed to append two queues. I wrote the following functions to do
it. What do you think of including them in (ice-9 q)? It's pretty
simple, but it seems like a natural part of the queue interface. I've
included destructive and non-destructive versions.

The only change I was considering is allowing an arbitrary number of
arguments, but that's something I can implement if people agree that
we want the functions in (ice-9 q).

(define (append-qs q r)
  (cons (append (car q) (car r)) (cdr r)))

(define (append-qs! q r)
  (set-cdr! (cdr q) (car r))
  (set-cdr! q (cdr r))


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