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Re: Delimited continuations to the rescue of futures

From: Peter TB Brett
Subject: Re: Delimited continuations to the rescue of futures
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 12:18:27 +0000
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This is going to sound like a daft question, but: is there any reason
that the thread that calls 'touch' needs to be the same thread that
calls its continuation?

I.e. why does there need to be a special "main thread"?  Can't "picking
up a job blocking on touch" just be another task allocated to the
thread pool?

Rubbish diagram:

       Thread A                 Thread B
       --------                 --------
   Creates a future F             ...
         ...                 Starts computing F
     Touches F                    ...
Starts computing future G         ...
         ...                 Finishes computing F
         ...              Continues job that touched F

Is this not a plausible approach?


Peter Brett <address@hidden>
Remote Sensing Research Group
Surrey Space Centre

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