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About the plan of Guile in 2013

From: Nala Ginrut
Subject: About the plan of Guile in 2013
Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2013 14:38:23 +0800

Hey Guilers~ 
Happy new year!

I wonder if it's the proper time to consider the plan in 2013, but let
me raise such a topic since it'll be talked sooner or later.

We have registerVM & guile-Emacs as planed in last year, I believe their
first release will be done in this year (correct me if I'm too
optimistic). I tried to implement an naive AOT-compiler but found that
I'd better wait for the rtl-wip branch finished. For guile-Emacs, I
failed to compile it, but I believe it's almost done.

So far so good!

I'd like to list my expectations here, for a reference:

1. Guildhall 
I think guildhall works now, at least in experimental. If we can build
it's official site ASAP, folks could contribute their interesting
packages into it. Along with the passion, the community become active
I believe Guile2 have come to a stage that could be used for practical
work. IMO, the only problem is that we don't have enough lib/package,
guildhall is the prerequisite for that. I realize that we can't add all
their needs into ice-9, right?
Maybe we could discuss the management policy or package convention in

2. Guile wiki
Guile manual is one of the most excellent book for me, but for a manual,
it can't cover all the usage details, and it's improper to share the
practical experiences each other. Though we have good mail-list, it's
hard for users to get what they need quickly, especially for the
ready-made detailed answer, and nobody wants to answer them again and
again. IMO, it's better to collect and arrange the things from
mail-list/irc then writing articles/tutorials in the wiki.
Maybe a newbie tutorial for Guile programing is easy. But for a example,
a detailed tutorial and practical experiences in delimited-continuation
of Guile is still a blank. When we have questions about the wiki
content, the discussion in mail-list will be interesting and meaningful.
In the past years, we can get that kind of knowledge from Wingo's blog.
But we all know he's busy. Or we can search for information fragment
from mail-list archive, which is inefficient way.

Maybe it's not easy to get these two things done in short term, there
must be a start, right?

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