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Re: Guile talks at the GNU Hackers Meeting?

From: Luca Saiu
Subject: Re: Guile talks at the GNU Hackers Meeting?
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2013 12:00:59 +0200
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Hello Shane.  And thanks Ludo and David for handling this; I had missed
this response yesterday.

On 2013-06-24 at 20:16, Shane Celis wrote:

> I'd be happy to give a talk regarding the Emacsy[1] GSoC project
> (video here[2]).


> The travel costs, however, are a bit prohibitive for me (I'm a
> Ph.D. student).  I could do a talk over Skype though.

As the others have already said we should use some free software program

However if possible I'd like to restrict that to the final Q&A part
only; in my experience such software tends to be shaky, and I'm even
having some problems with the network connection quality at the venue (I
work there a couple days per week).

We have another speaker in a similar situation, and I think the same
solution can work for you: why not pre-recording a talk?  It can be a
commented screencast, you speaking at a blackboard, slides with your
voiceover, or any combination of these things.  Showing your video will
be easy for us: we'll use the same projector we have for presentation
slides, and loudspeakers.  That just *can't* fail.

You would be part of the audience (to keep the experience less
impersonal), and we can have a live audio or audio/video Q&A session
with you at the end.

We can attempt a live remote presentation as well if you want, but I'd
like to have at least a backup plan.

Would this be OK for you, Shane?  We can work out the details on
ghm-discuss -- other people will have useful feedback, too.  In any case
I'm adding your talk to the page.

I'm CC'ing address@hidden  Please subscribe to the list, using the
interface at .  Let's
not bother the good hardworking Guile people with more distracting
followups :-).

Thanks, and welcome.

Luca Saiu
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