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Re: System asyncs and mutexes: a combination prone to deadlocks

From: Chaos Eternal
Subject: Re: System asyncs and mutexes: a combination prone to deadlocks
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2013 11:20:33 +0800

 then what's the purpose that the asyncs supposed to be ?
 one thing i know which uses async is signal handler, something else?

BTW, i used to compare performance that using asyncs as an
inter-thread communication method. not good.

On Tue, Aug 20, 2013 at 11:00 AM, Mark H Weaver <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hello all,
> While working on making (ice-9 popen) thread-safe, I've discovered a
> serious problem with system asyncs and mutexes.
> System asyncs can run while mutexes are locked.  Asyncs can run
> arbitrary scheme code, so of course mutexes will often be locked within
> asyncs as well.  So what happens if an async tries to lock a mutex that
> has already been locked by the same thread?  Deadlock, of course.
> Recursive mutexes are not a solution.  They would avoid the deadlock,
> but they would leave open the possibility of corrupted data structures,
> because the async might be run while a data structure is in an
> inconsistent state.  If the async tries to access that data structure,
> things could get ugly.
> In popen, there are data structures (the port table and the guardian)
> that need to be locked both outside and within asyncs, so I addressed
> the problem by blocking asyncs before grabbing the lock:
>   (define-syntax-rule (with-popen-tables-locked e0 e ...)
>     (call-with-blocked-asyncs
>      (lambda ()
>        (with-mutex popen-mutex e0 e ...))))
> This prevents deadlock by this particular mutex, but what about all the
> other mutexes used throughout Guile?
> The deadlock I happen to be seeing during 'make check' is from the
> 'overrides_lock' in procprop.c, but there are scores of other mutexes
> around the system that could cause the same problem.
> It seems to me that system asyncs are a fundamentally flawed concept in
> any system that uses mutexes.  They need to be run in a different thread
> to prevent these deadlocks.
>    Thoughts?
>       Mark

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