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Guile 2.0.9 won't build on ia64 (segfault)

From: Rob Browning
Subject: Guile 2.0.9 won't build on ia64 (segfault)
Date: Sun, 09 Feb 2014 11:45:06 -0600
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Here's the end of a recent failure in an unstable chroot:

    SNARF  socket.doc
    SNARF  regex-posix.doc
    GEN      guile-procedures.texi
  /bin/bash: line 1:   839 Broken pipe             cat alist.doc arbiters.doc 
array-handle.doc array-map.doc arrays.doc async.doc backtrace.doc boolean.doc 
bitvectors.doc bytevectors.doc chars.doc control.doc continuations.doc 
debug.doc deprecated.doc deprecation.doc dynl.doc dynwind.doc eq.doc error.doc 
eval.doc evalext.doc expand.doc extensions.doc feature.doc filesys.doc 
fluids.doc foreign.doc fports.doc gc-malloc.doc gc.doc gettext.doc 
generalized-arrays.doc generalized-vectors.doc goops.doc gsubr.doc 
guardians.doc hash.doc hashtab.doc hooks.doc i18n.doc init.doc ioext.doc 
keywords.doc list.doc load.doc macros.doc mallocs.doc memoize.doc modules.doc 
numbers.doc objprop.doc options.doc pairs.doc ports.doc print.doc procprop.doc 
procs.doc promises.doc r6rs-ports.doc random.doc rdelim.doc read.doc root.doc 
rw.doc scmsigs.doc script.doc simpos.doc smob.doc sort.doc srcprop.doc 
srfi-1.doc srfi-4.doc srfi-13.doc srfi-14.doc srfi-60.doc stackchk.doc 
stacks.doc stime.doc strings.doc strorder.doc strports.doc struct.doc 
symbols.doc threads.doc throw.doc trees.doc uniform.doc values.doc variable.doc 
vectors.doc version.doc vports.doc weaks.doc dynl.doc posix.doc net_db.doc 
socket.doc regex-posix.doc
         840 Segmentation fault      | GUILE_INSTALL_LOCALE=1 
GUILE_AUTO_COMPILE=0 ../meta/uninstalled-env guild snarf-check-and-output-texi 
> guile-procedures.texi
  make[4]: *** [guile-procedures.texi] Error 1
  make[4]: Leaving directory `/home/rlb/guile-2.0-2.0.9+1/libguile'

Attempting to run meta/guile (via gdb) at this point also eventually

  Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
  0x20000000000de741 in scm_ia64_longjmp (JB=0x6000000000c0b020, VAL=428952) at 
  365           memcpy (t->register_backing_store_base,

And here's the full log from an earlier failed build:

Please let me know if I can provide further information.


[And here's a bit more of the backtrace in case it helps:

  #0  0x20000000000de741 in scm_ia64_longjmp (JB=0x6000000000c0b020, 
VAL=428952) at continuations.c:365
  #1  0x20000000000dd220 in scm_c_abort (vm=<optimized out>, 
tag=0x600000000021d200, n=5, argv=<optimized out>, 
      cookie=-1) at control.c:239
  #2  0x20000000000dd3c0 in scm_at_abort (tag=0x600000000021d200, args=0x304) 
at control.c:258
  #3  0x200000000026a5e0 in vm_regular_engine (vm=0x600000000015eff0, 
      program=0x200000000031dab0 <scm_at_abort__subr_raw_cell>, 
argv=0x60000fffffff86f0, nargs=2) at vm-i-system.c:855
  #4  0x2000000000270480 in scm_c_vm_run (vm=0x600000000015eff0, 
      program=0x200000000031dab0 <scm_at_abort__subr_raw_cell>, 
argv=0x60000fffffff86e0, nargs=2) at vm.c:754
  #5  0x20000000000f6450 in eval (x=<error reading variable: Cannot access 
memory at address 0x1003e>, 
      env=<error reading variable: Cannot access memory at address 0x10ab6>) at 
  #6  0x20000000000f7770 in boot_closure_apply (closure=0x600000000018ca40, 
args=0x60000000007aab10) at eval.c:965
  #7  0x20000000001cc280 in apply_1 (smob=0x600000000018ca40, 
a=0x60000000007aab10) at smob.c:143
  #8  0x200000000026a5e0 in vm_regular_engine (vm=0x600000000015eff0, 
      argv=0x60000fffffff8ad8, nargs=5) at vm-i-system.c:855
  #9  0x2000000000270480 in scm_c_vm_run (vm=0x600000000015eff0, 
program=0x600000000018ca40, argv=0x60000fffffff8ab0, 
      nargs=5) at vm.c:754
  #10 0x2000000000270740 in scm_call_with_vm (vm=0x600000000015eff0, 
proc=0x600000000018ca40, args=<optimized out>)
      at vm.c:1051
  #11 0x20000000000f30d0 in scm_apply (proc=0x600000000018ca40, arg1=<optimized 
out>, args=0x60000000007aab60)
      at eval.c:749
  #12 0x20000000000f8350 in scm_apply_1 (proc=0x600000000018ca40, 
arg1=0x600000000008f260, args=0x60000000007aab70)
      at eval.c:589
  #13 0x200000000022d370 in scm_throw (key=0x600000000008f260, 
args=0x60000000007aab70) at throw.c:105
  #14 0x200000000022e070 in scm_ithrow (key=0x600000000008f260, 
args=0x60000000007aab70, noreturn=984656) at throw.c:442
  #15 0x20000000000f0650 in scm_error_scm (key=0x600000000008f260, 
subr=0x600000000021ffe0, message=0x600000000021ffc0, 
      args=0x60000000007aabc0, data=0x60000000007aabb0) at error.c:95
  #16 0x20000000000f0770 in scm_error (key=0x600000000008f260, subr=<optimized 
out>, message=0x20000000002b7d00 "~A", 
      args=0x60000000007aabc0, rest=0x60000000007aabb0) at error.c:62
  #17 0x20000000000f0880 in scm_syserror (subr=0x200000000033bec0 <s_scm_mkdir> 
"mkdir") at error.c:167
  #18 0x2000000000104050 in scm_mkdir (path=0x600000000021d300, mode=<optimized 
out>) at filesys.c:1282

Rob Browning
rlb and
GPG as of 2011-07-10 E6A9 DA3C C9FD 1FF8 C676 D2C4 C0F0 39E9 ED1B 597A
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