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Discussion for %display-auto-compilation-messages (and --no-auto-compila

From: Sjoerd van Leent
Subject: Discussion for %display-auto-compilation-messages (and --no-auto-compilation-messages option)
Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2014 23:08:06 +0100
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I have been having a bit of a go at understanding boot-9.scm. While investigating it, i found out an interesting bit where SCM code is compiled to new .GO code when performing fresh-compilation. I found similar code in the C sources in load.c.

Now I wanted to add an option to disable the display of the compilation messages so went ahead with creating such an option. However, before I continue, I want a discussion about two things:

- Shouldn't it be that either the C code or the SCM is responsible for displaying the messages? If so, I would assume the C code should be changed to have formal procedures to handle these things.

- Also, is this option in general wanted? If this is the case, I would also like to clean up the above mess of having two procedures printing exactly the same kind of information, leading to maintenance issues.

I attached a simple diff file, so everyone could have their opinions shared.

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