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proposal: deprecate dynamic states

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: proposal: deprecate dynamic states
Date: Sun, 09 Mar 2014 18:33:56 +0100
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The manual claims that you can use fluids as thread-local variables, but
that's not really true -- we expose this strange "dynamic state"
interface that lets you have one dynamic state used by multiple
threads.  Pretty strange stuff.

Normally I wouldn't be against "extra functionality" but this one makes
no sense.  We need something that is "thread-local state" and
fluids/parameters should be that thing -- and yet, we are prevented from
doing by the dynamic state interface.  (Of course, that doesn't stop us
from using fluids in this way; I'm sure there are many bugs out there.)

So my proposal is to deprecate the dynamic state interface.  It's
nonstandard, I've never heard of anyone using it, and it's actively
harmful.  If no one objects, I'll push something that does this in the
next couple days.


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