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Re: g-wrap: reference manual updated

From: David Pirotte
Subject: Re: g-wrap: reference manual updated
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2014 16:51:14 -0300

Hello Ludovic,

> Congrats for all this work.  ;-)

Thanks.  This manual still need a review, related to garbage collection [and
smob maybe?]: all occurrences in this manual still refer to the previous garbage

> I think this should go to G-Wrap’s mailing list:


> And I think you should ask for commit access for Guile-GNOME & co.

I have write access to guile-gnome[clutter] already, thanks, and sent a 
request for guile-cairo.  I don't pretend to work on guile-cairo right now, it's
fine as it is [we bind 1.10.2] and cairo 1.12.x does not bring anything 

I am almost done with the actual binding for guile-gnome: this is _not_ an 
update of
the bindings per se: the idea is [while learning] to release a guile-gnome
[platform] 2.16.3 version which strictly depends on guile 2, fixing tips and 
and if possible getting rid of all [or almost all] warnings @ compile time 
it scares end users :)].  Then as time allows _and_ as requested along the way 
guile-clutter binding updates, I'd like to slowly update guile-gnome glib and 
bindings [from 2.16 to 2.40 for glib...]

I am almost done with guile-clutter 1.12.2, but has you all know by now, I still
have to properly understand a couple of things related to g-wrap... hence this
work.  I should read the manual now, haha!

We have 2 major issues using guile-clutter: (1) spawning a server [for debug
purposes for example] almost systematically [but not always] triggers
gobject-CRITICAL errors leading to guile crashes, and (2), there is a
synchronization problem between cairo and clutter [(invalidate (get-content
a-clutter-canvas-instance)) _does_ trigger the 'draw signal and calls your 
method, _but_ the canvas remains or empty or redraw the cairo 'object' as it 
was at
first invalidate call.  I'll email details about that as soon as possible, but
wanted to here here about the status,...  the 2 above mentioned problems could 
exists the exact same way strictly using guile-gnome [no clutter], still have to


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