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Using formal specifications for web content

From: Ian Grant
Subject: Using formal specifications for web content
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2014 18:07:05 -0400

This is the same idea: just as machine-readable formal semantics
abstract from concrete representation of language compilers, they
abstract from concrete language representation of applications.

The problem with web content management systems is they all cause
lock-in. Your data are locked into the data-base format, your style
sheets and themes are locked into the style-theme-specification
system, and any custom scripts/patches  etc. are locked into some
scripting language. And worse, _your mind_ is locked-in because you
had to learn how to work all this crap, and you don't want to have to
go back to square one and learn another equally stupid scripting
language, and you _definitely_ don't want to redo all the same stuff
you currently have working well-enough, in another system, when you
know you will have to fight to get it to look the same.

So this is semantic lock-in, just like the GNU toolchain suffers from
semantic lock-in by being focused on C (now C++).

And the solution is the same, and the same tools will work for this as
work for the problem of compiler trap doors, and untrusted
hardware/firmware. And remember the same tools will solve the problem
of exploitable bugs.

So when you think "Oh man, it's just too hard writing all those
interpreters!" Remember that the results, when they start coming in,
are going to be breathtaking. And guile was designed for interpreting
languages, or did I get the idea all wrong?

And as a bonus there's also a philosophical aside from Schitzophrenicz
Castor-fiber, about metrology and God being good and false, and also
about my abysmal communications skills. Enjoy. And remember, if you
want complain about my spamming, _don't_ spam the list. They already
know about me :-)

And if you want me to stop talking open-ended crap, then start talking
to me about the code I posted.

Best wishes,

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