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Re: goops - guile-clutter unexpected bug while using #:virtual slot allo

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: Re: goops - guile-clutter unexpected bug while using #:virtual slot allocation for a <clutter-actor> subclass
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2015 21:44:52 +0100
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On Tue 27 Jan 2015 20:11, David Pirotte <address@hidden> writes:

>> The setters inheritance bug is fixed to be like 1.8.
> Thanks, it _does_ work as expected now, now as in using the latest
> stable-2.0!

Are you certain?  What git revision are you using?  I don't think the
test should "work" with the current stable-2.0 or master, or 1.8 for
that matter.

    $ /opt/guile-1.8/bin/guile
    guile> (use-modules (oop goops))
    guile> (define-class <a> ()
    ...    (width #:accessor width #:init-keyword #:width #:init-value 0))
    guile> (define-class <b> (<a>))
    guile> (define b (make <b>))
    guile> (width b)
    guile> (set! (width b) 10)
    guile> (width b)
    guile> (define-method ((setter width) (self <b>) width) (next-method))
    guile> (set! (width b) 10)

    In current input:
      10: 0* [setter:width #<<b> 7f795ed527e0> 10]
       ?: 1  (let* ((next-method (goops:make-next-method self width))) 

    <unnamed port>: In expression (let* (#) (next-method)):
    <unnamed port>: No next method when calling #<<generic> setter:width (2)>
    with arguments (#<<b> 7f795ed527e0> 10)
    ABORT: (goops-error)


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