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Re: Prototype for C++-compatible Guile Exceptions.

From: Taahir Ahmed
Subject: Re: Prototype for C++-compatible Guile Exceptions.
Date: Sun, 06 Sep 2015 18:01:40 -0500

Mark H Weaver writes:
> Your proposal is not unreasonable, but at the present time I feel
> rather strongly that we should keep C++ and its runtime out of core
> Guile.  For one thing, the C++ runtime, calling conventions, and
> exception model are poorly suited to Scheme, with its more general
> control flow, proper tail calls, garbage collection, etc.
> Also, especially when we have native code generation, I expect it will
> be highly beneficial to have complete control over our runtime,
> internal calling conventions, and internal exception handling.  These
> considerations argue for us to move in the direction of _fewer_
> marriages to external runtime libraries rather than more.

I'm certainly not wedded to this strategy --- I just figured that it
would be better to have something concrete rather than just getting on
the list and complaining.

> In general, the approach would be to add language-specific wrappers
> for all public libguile API functions.  These would arrange for Guile
> exceptions thrown within libguile to be converted into whatever type
> of exception or error handling is desired by the caller.
> ...
> Do you think that an approach like this would work for you?

That does sound interesting, and it seems like something I would be
interested to work on in my spare time.  I'm sure that there will be
many pain points, but there is no point in trying to predict them ahead
of time.


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