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guile-gnome - make check fails when compiled against gcc 5.2 - help need

From: David Pirotte
Subject: guile-gnome - make check fails when compiled against gcc 5.2 - help needed
Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2015 19:59:55 -0300


        guile-gnome - any branch
                make check fails when compiled against gcc 5.2

I'm looking for help from someone who knows well C in general and gcc in 
to debug the above shortly described situation:

        note that both make and make check work fine with gcc 4.9.3 [and 
previous 4.x
        versions as well]

In order to reproduce, you'll only need to install the development files for the
following wrappers:
        gthread-2.0     [ mandatory, scm_init_gnome_gobject_gc
                                [ calls g_thread_init  

Then you need to install:

  g-wrap                [ from the source is optional

  guile-cairo   [ from the source is mandatory

 guile-gnome    [ from the source devel branch is preferred
                        [ since it would be to help me ...

        git clone git://
        cd guile-gnome
        git checkout devel
        ./configure [--prefix=/your/prefix]
        make check

        -> ... 
        compiling .../glib/gnome/gobject/gclosure.scm ;;;
        compiled .../cache/ ... /glib/gnome/gobject/gclosure.scm.go ;;;
        WARNING: compilation of.../glib/gnome/glib.scm
        failed: ;;; ERROR: Throw to key `gruntime-error' with args
        `("%gtype-class-bind" "No GType registered with name ~A" ("GClosure") 

The reason glib/gnome/glib.scm fails is actually because it uses 
which fails to define the <gclosure> class.

The best way to reproduce the error and start to track the problem down is, 
imo, by doing
this, from an emacs shell in the top-level guile-gnome source tree:

        M-x run-guile
        (set! %load-path (cons (string-append (getcwd) "/glib") %load-path))
        ,use (gnome gobject config)
        ,use (gnome gobject utils)
        ,use (gnome gobject gtype)
        ,use (gnome gobject gvalue)
        ,use (oop goops)
        (define-class <gclosure> (<gboxed>) #:gtype-name "GClosure")
                ERROR: In procedure %gtype-class-bind:
                ERROR: Throw to key `gruntime-error' with args 
`("%gtype-class-bind" "No GType registered with name ~A" ("GClosure") ())'.

                Entering a new prompt.  Type `,bt' for a backtrace or `,q' to 

I see the file glib/gnome/gobject/gclosure.c, at the end of the file, defines:

        static GType gcc_please_look_the_other_way;
        scm_init_gnome_gobject_closures (void)
        #ifndef SCM_MAGIC_SNARFER
        #include "gclosure.x"
            /* make sure the GClosure type is registered */
            gcc_please_look_the_other_way = g_closure_get_type ();

but that is far as I've been till now.  I don't know C well enough and this 
happens at a lower level then
my actual guile-gnome knowledge [still learning on both side...]  I actually 
don't understand yet how this
 gcc_please_look_the_other_way and scm_init_gnome_gobject_closures are 
'triggered', neither this

Note that, once more, this bug does not happen when using gcc < 5.0

I would be really happy to receive some help,

        For info, on debian, gclosure.h is here:

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