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Re: [PATCH] Added Artanis info to new main page

From: David Pirotte
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Added Artanis info to new main page
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2015 02:52:23 -0200

Hi Matt,

> In connection with this thread I have kept crude notes on announcements of
> guile-based libraries and packages announced on guile-user.   Here is the 
> list.
> If there is some format that should be used I can update, but the community 
> may
> want to edit want says and what goes.   Let me know how I can help. — Matt

I'd like to add to your list :)

(a)     Kisê

Note that gitorious is down, so I added the following comment to my web site

        Kisê's web-pages are active, tarballs available as well, but it's source
        code site, gitorious, is down. We're working on an official GNU Project
        request and Savannah project page: we will upload the link asap.

(b)     Guile-Clutter

As soon as I find the time to solve a Guile-lib 'make distcheck' problem, I'll
release 1.12.2.  New web pages are almost ready, here:

        [ note that the web page above claims it's been released, but no 
        [ has been made yet, that's just the new web pages mock-up...


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