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Re: Contributions to Guile

From: Sergi
Subject: Re: Contributions to Guile
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 2016 13:56:10 +0400

It is good to hear such announcements encouraged.

I have often missed some ideas from Clojure and Racket in guile and recently had an idea to create a library that would bring those ideas in one place. I have defined macros that bring Clojure or Racket forms into the several projects I've used guile in.

I wonder if some people would be interested in having such a module - something similar to what Rackjure ( is for Racket

I imagine that this module could become focus of contributions and evaluation and some features could either make into Guile standard library or be collected as another language hosted by Guile VM.

An example usage of such library would be this:

(use-modules (borrow clj)) ;; imports some Clojure forms, like: if-let, when-let, if-not, when-not


(use-modules (borrow rkt)) ;; does something similar with Racket ideas

On 5 February 2016 at 13:32, Ludovic Courtès <address@hidden> wrote:

Chad Albers <address@hidden> skribis:

> I have experience with several schemes: Racket, Chibli, Gauche, and Guile.
> I've started to enjoy Guile the most.  I've written one Guile module (
> and I'm about to release
> another one (mailboxes queues for cross thread communication).

Nice!  You’re welcome to announce releases on address@hidden so
others can chime in.  :-)

> I'm considering helping out on the Guile project, and there are a number of
> areas that I would like to work on.   My question is, then, how can I get
> involved?

Andy Wingo has just written a great article about compiler/VM tasks for
the forthcoming 2.2 series and for after 2.2:

In addition to that, everyone can help with the standard library—the
(ice-9 …) modules, (web …), the POSIX interface in libguile, etc.

We want to include more batteries in general.  So if you think something
widely useful ought to be in the standard library, you’re welcome to
propose it here!  And of course, if you find bugs or limitations in
existing modules, we’re interested in hearing about them and fixing

Looking forward to receiving your contributions.  :-)


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