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Jenkins automated build server for Windows builds

From: Mads Elvheim
Subject: Jenkins automated build server for Windows builds
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2016 06:25:11 +0200
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First of all, congratulations with the 2.1.3 release! :-)

I just finished setting up a continuous integration server at

It periodically polls the origin/stable-2.0 branch every 12 hours, builds 32-bit freestanding versions of guile for Windows, and packs it up into a distributable zip archive. I have also set up jobs to track origin/master as well as the v2.0.9 and v2.0.11 tags, but these are currently invoked manually. (The stable tagged commits are only there for convenience).

The Guile test suite is run in QEMU under Windows XP Pro 64-bit, and failing tests are conveniently displayed on the build pages.

If someone here would benefit from having privileges to invoke manual builds, set up new branches to track or have access to the Windows tests server via ssh, I'd be happy to arrange that.

Outstanding issues with my setup which I'm looking into:

* The test suite does not work out of the box on Windows; that is, some unit tests gives an exception which makes the test suite terminate prematurely instead of returning the test case as an "error". * In order to get Jenkins to display the test suite results nicely, I had to hack together a script which converted the test suite log into the JUnit XML format. It only tracks passes, failures and errors. Skipped, unresolved and unsupported unit tests are not yet reflected in the web interface or in the total tests count. But the raw test suite log is printed as a part of the build log output. For example, * Looking into getting Windows 64-bit builds of Guile to build successfully. I'll be trying out some patches people suggested on #guile

I'd be grateful for any feedback and suggestions for improvements.

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