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Compilation warnings in net_db.c

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Compilation warnings in net_db.c
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2016 22:23:53 +0300

While compiling net_db.c from Guile 2.0.12 with MinGW, I get a bunch
of warnings such as this one:

   net_db.c:454:20: warning: 'sym_ai_passive' defined but not used 
    SCM_VARIABLE_INIT (sym_ai_passive, "AI_PASSIVE",
   ../libguile/snarf.h:82:29: note: in definition of macro 'SCM_SNARF_HERE'
    #  define SCM_SNARF_HERE(X) X
   net_db.c:454:1: note: in expansion of macro 'SCM_VARIABLE_INIT'
    SCM_VARIABLE_INIT (sym_ai_passive, "AI_PASSIVE",

AFAICT, these SCM_VARIABLE_INIT calls wind up declaring static
variables that are not used in net_db.c.  Is that what's supposed to
happen, or do I need to look more into this?  Do people get these
warnings on Posix platforms?

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