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Re: guile-lib - devel branch - patch 4 of 11

From: David Pirotte
Subject: Re: guile-lib - devel branch - patch 4 of 11
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2016 21:05:20 -0300

Hello Eli,

> > Don't you understand? How could I possibly answer that quiz, since it's 
> > been 4
> > years I use 2.69? You can't tell for sure just because there has been no
> > complain: you can only tell for sure if someone you 'trust' check with what 
> > ever
> > version you'd like to use.  

> Problems in past versions of development tools are described in the
> documentation, and if that's not enough, the maintainers of the tools
> can be asked about them.  There should be no need to learn about that
> from personal experience alone.

I totally disagree with your last sentence, as a consequence of both what I've 
teached and what my experience 'told' me. So, if you have a well isolated
environment using an earlier version of autoconf and automake 1.14, I'll trust 

Besides, should I agree with you, but I don't, I still have absolutely no time 
and no
interest to read about a 5y doc and ask maintainers quiz about 5y old version of
these tools.

> > Besides, 'users' who locally manually install and compile GDB probably know 
> > a lot
> > more then I on the subject :)  

> I don't think the fact that I build my own GDB means my time is cheap
> and should be disregarded.

I never implied that, this is a very unfair statement: you are the one who ask 
me to
spend my time to read and talk to maintainers about a more then 4y tool and doc.

At the very most, all you have to do is to locally edit the guile-lib
and change AC_PREREQ(2.69) to what ever version you use and 'pass':  that does 
any time.

>   AC_PREREQ(2.69)
> even though an older version would do, is IMO not a good idea.

This has nothing to do with an 'idea', it's about what we can guarantee: as I 
above, it's not ok for me to 'just' read, and if you can test 'make distcheck' 
tells me it's ok, using an earlier version of autoconf and automake 1.14, I'll 

> And if you still disagree, let's leave it at that.  I'm not speaking
> for the Guile project, so my opinion can be easily overridden.

I don't speak in the name of Guile either, I am contributor. Note that this 
is Guile-Lib, not Guile (not that it would change my position wrt this, but...).


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