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Re: guile-lib, compiled files, packages

From: David Pirotte
Subject: Re: guile-lib, compiled files, packages
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2016 13:50:38 -0300

Hi Greg,

> ...
> As part of the update, I am flipping guile-lib and g-wrap to build
> against guile 2.0 (latest micro release really).

Great, it's 2.0.12 [saying this in case it would not 'yet' be in your distro.

> In switching guile-lib, I find that the set of installed files changes
> very significantly.  Besides sxml going away (now in guile proper, so
> that's fine), I see PLIST diffs like:

> -share/guile/site/texinfo.scm
> -share/guile/site/texinfo/docbook.scm
> -share/guile/site/texinfo/html.scm
> -share/guile/site/texinfo/indexing.scm
> +share/guile/site/texinfo/nodal-tree.go
>  share/guile/site/texinfo/nodal-tree.scm
> -share/guile/site/texinfo/plain-text.scm
> -share/guile/site/texinfo/reflection.scm
> -share/guile/site/texinfo/serialize.scm

This is correct.

> which doesn't look right.  On the other hand I see hunks like:

> +share/guile/site/apicheck.go
>  share/guile/site/apicheck.scm

Yes, ok too

> Is it the case that most of the texinfo code is now in guile 2, except
> for nodal-tree, so that seems ok too?

Yes. see $prefix/share/guile/site/texinfo

> Also, statprof looks withdrawn.

Not sure how things were wrt guile-1.8, but in 2.0 and 2.2, the module is here



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