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Better support for non-zero lower bound arrays [v2]

From: daniel . llorens
Subject: Better support for non-zero lower bound arrays [v2]
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2017 12:59:29 +0100

This patchset improves the support for non-zero lower bound
arrays. Specifically, the functions sort, sort!,
restricted-vector-sort!, array-slice-for-each, and truncated-print from
(ice-9 pretty print) now support non-zero lower bound arrays.

The patchset also adds support for bitvectors in truncated-print and
completes the removal of uniform-vector-read!/write, which were still
present in the manual.

The last patch removes scm_generalized_vector_handle(), which has been
deprecated since 2.0.9.

Compared with the earlier patchset, this only includes array-copy and
not typed-array-copy in (ice-9 arrays). It is perhaps not clear that
that interface is the best. I've also removed the Scheme function
array-print, which wasn't being used.



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