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Re: What is needed in guildhall to include it in Guile?

From: Amirouche
Subject: Re: What is needed in guildhall to include it in Guile?
Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2017 00:05:18 +0100
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Le 23/02/2016 à 17:57, Arne Babenhauserheide a écrit :
So, to summarize the things I can change:

- Add the path to the installed package in guild show <package> or list-packages
- Add a dynamical site as repository
- Package guix features
- Package guildhall in guix

And things I can’t change easily:
- Package many packages (I hope a site with easy uploads could change that)
- Add dynamically fetched packages (I’m not sure how to do that right —
   or whether I actually want to do it, given that this means executing
   code which is downloaded at runtime…)

Requirements for a guildhall website:
- easy upload (like marmalade?)
- download statistics
- bug reporting possible (maybe a link to a bugtracker?)

Did I miss something?

Nala Ginrut writes:
I may anticipate the packages amount for Guile would be increasing if we
done it properly.
I’d think so, too.

So do I.

So I started something it's live at

Becarful no https.

The code is the guildhall branch of at

I think the interesting code If you want to create a web application is all summed up in this file. microkanren-fu might be required.

I changed the way the run-server handler works, see:

The context variable only contains GET and POST assocs which contains what is parsed from the request object. Both request and context are passed to the view.

It's missing a lot. I hope it's a good looking web interface to make guile more attractive.

I will look how to interface with guildhall.

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