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Re: Guile 2.1.8 on 9 March / 2.2.0 on 16 March

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: Guile 2.1.8 on 9 March / 2.2.0 on 16 March
Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2017 14:34:39 +0100
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Hello Guilers!

Andy Wingo <address@hidden> skribis:

> An update on Guile 2.2 status.  As I mentioned in a previous mail, I
> think the master branch is good to go.  I spent some time over the last
> week going over bugs; I have looked at all bugs in our database (!),
> fixed a number of them (check!),
> and I think from those bugs I have no release blockers.  I am a little
> behind on guile-devel still but hope to catch up shortly; that's my only
> remaining backlog.

Woohoo, thanks a lot!

> I have forward-ported all appropriate patches from 2.0 except the
> reproducible-build patches.  I am hoping Ludovic will take that up :)

Will do!

> I think though that we are looking pretty good for a final 2.1.8
> prerelease on 9 March (in 1 week).  Then we can let people build it, fix
> any build errors, try it out on various platforms or whatever, and get
> out a 2.2.0 on 16 March.

Sounds like a plan.

One thing that takes time is getting test feedback on non-GNU/Linux and
non-x86_64 platforms.  Perhaps now is a good time to email
address@hidden, or somehow ping people.

The next pre-release could also be announced on info-gnu with an
explicit call for testing?

> I would point people to hydra tarballs to test but it seems we broke
> Hydra with the dist-lzip patch :)  I reverted that patch on both
> branches and hopefully we have new disted tarballs for checking in a few
> hours.

I’ve just added lzip as an input for the CI jobs on, so
you should be able to revert the revert shortly.  :-)

> Finally for the release we should consider publicity -- what do we do?
> Anything special?  Volunteers are welcome here.  The NEWS is quite
> verbose, so condensing it into a set of 5-10 big-ticket items could be
> useful; dunno.

At FOSDEM, a number of people were already doing exciting stuff with
2.2.  I’d encourage interested people to write an article that we’d
publish on about what they do and how 2.2 enabled that.
Think 8sync, Fibers, Sly and its successor, Daniel’s array work, etc.

> Maybe we can use this as an opportunity to get people to try Guix
> actually -- if we cut a 2.2.0 tarball a day before and get it into Guix
> and get guile-next built, perhaps we could offer a binary installation
> option for people on GNU machines (via Guix).  Dunno; thoughts here are
> welcome.

We can definitely make 2.2 available on day 1 in Guix.   :-)

This reminds me that on the last guile-next update I stumbled upon a
problem with test-out-of-memory:

We can work around it in Guix, but it would be nice to address it.

Thank you for driving us in these exciting times!  :-)


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