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2.2 git users should switch to stable-2.2 branch

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: 2.2 git users should switch to stable-2.2 branch
Date: Wed, 10 May 2017 21:12:13 +0200
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Hello Guilefolk,

As we did with Guile 1.8 and 2.0, I just pushed a stable-2.2 branch.
This is the branch for Guile 2.2 development -- the branch that keeps
a stable API and ABI during the 2.2.x series.  It's the one you want to
be using unless you are doing development of Guile itself.

If you have a checkout of Guile master, probably right now you want to
do this:

  git fetch
  git checkout stable-2.2

Assuming your default remote is the Guile repo, that will fetch the new
stable-2.2 branch from, and then the "checkout" command
will check out a new branch locally to track upstream stable-2.2.

As far as a roadmap goes... I suspect the next Guile stable series will
be 3.0 and I suspect it will feature ahead-of-time compilation to
machine code instead of bytecode.  I think there will still be a
bytecode backend as well for targets that are missing the machine code
backend.  Here are some thoughts:

I will probably start within the next month or three on "instruction
explosion"; see that blog post for details.  It's like Abdulaziz
Ghoulum's "incremental approach to compiler development", except
completely in reverse :P

Farther on I would expect a 3.0 after about 2 years or so.  There are
many things to do.  If someone is interested in taking a task, that blog
post has many ideas that are still valid.

Incidentally if you use Guile commercially and would like to support my
work on it, let me know.  My employer Igalia continues to be happy with
me working on it a day or two a week, and I work on it as a hobby
additionally, but it would be nice to be able to devote all of my
attention on Guile, at least for consecutive periods of a month or two
so I can work on whole features.  I expect a general perf improvement
for Guile 3.0 of about 4x relative to Guile 2.2, and with support, this
can become reality sooner.  There are lots of details of course but if
this is something that interests you, let's talk.

Happy hacking, and don't forget to switch your Guile git branches!


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