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[PATCH] Support HTTP/2 headers from web servers.

From: Derek Upham
Subject: [PATCH] Support HTTP/2 headers from web servers.
Date: Tue, 04 Jul 2017 09:15:02 -0700
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The web client module doesn’t currently support HTTPS, so I have been calling 
out to curl and parsing the result with the web client code.  This is breaking 
for HTTP/2 servers, as the code expects a MAJOR.MINOR format, and the HTTP/2 
working group is explicitly not using a minor version in the HTTP/2 spec 
(  For example,

  curl --silent --head

returns the first line

  HTTP/2 200

This patch adds parsing and printing support that handles HTTP/2, representing 
it as a consistent ‘'(2 . 0)’ internally.

I’m tempted to drop the whole “find the dot index” approach for HTTP/1.x and 
just explicitly match on “HTTP/1.0” and “HTTP/1.1” as well.


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Derek Upham

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