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Re: ffi-helper: status

From: Matt Wette
Subject: Re: ffi-helper: status
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2017 19:49:12 -0700

> On Jul 7, 2017, at 5:31 PM, Matt Wette <address@hidden> wrote:
>> On Jul 7, 2017, at 5:18 PM, Matt Wette <address@hidden> wrote:
>> However, the above generates 397 FFI declarations into a cairo.scm file 
>> which is about 6000 lines long.  I’m not 
>> sure if I want to start testing this code or start converting suggestions 
>> and have guile-users do some testing.  
> That is, for this example, I no longer run into declarations which my code 
> says “failed,” indicating that it didn’t know what to do with the declaration.
> I already notice that the function types converters should be called “unwrap” 
> and that they should be called by the procedure interface.  I am going to 
> start playing with cairo_set_user_data to see if passed procedures work. 

Another working demo:

mwette$ guile exam.d/cairo02.scm
d1 called with ((abc . 123) (def . 456))

mwette$ cat exam.d/cairo02.scm
;; exam.d/cairo02.scm

(use-modules (cairo cairo))             ; auto-generated from cairo.h etc
(use-modules (ffi-help-rt))             ; pointer-to
(use-modules (system foreign))          ; string->pointer, pointer<->scm

(define srf (cairo_svg_surface_create (string->pointer "abc.svg") 200.0 200.0))
(define cr (cairo_create srf))

;; typedef struct _cairo_user_data_key {
;;   int unused;
;; } cairo_user_data_key_t;
;; typedef void (*cairo_destroy_func_t)(void *data);
;; cairo_status_t cairo_set_user_data(cairo_t *cr, const cairo_user_data_key_t
;;      *key, void *user_data, cairo_destroy_func_t destroy);

(define k1 (make-cairo_user_data_key_t)) ; make a key
(define v1 '((abc . 123) (def . 456)))   ; make some data
(define (d1 data)                        ; callback
  (simple-format #t "d1 called with ~S\n" (pointer->scm data)))
(cairo_set_user_data cr (pointer-to k1) (scm->pointer v1) d1)

(cairo_destroy cr)
(cairo_surface_destroy srf)

;; --- last line ---

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