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Re: Rename GNU fdisk to GUILE diskutils

From: Eric Bavier
Subject: Re: Rename GNU fdisk to GUILE diskutils
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2017 12:11:51 -0600
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On 12/09/2017 07:46 AM, Christian Brunello wrote:

Hello everyone,

   I write because I would like to rename the GNU fdisk

In the version I am preparing, the program is written in Scheme, using
Guile.  In this release there will be only the fdisk program, but in the
future I want to add more. So a more generic name would be appropriate.

I discussed this with Richard Stallman, and the volunteers on the
address@hidden list. Since the package is based on GUILE, we consider
using the name "Guile Diskutils".

We wanted to know what you think of this name.

IMHO the programming language/compiler a utility is written with is an implementation detail that should not manifest itself in the utility's name. In this case, I think "GNU Distutils" would be better.


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