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Re: Proposal of a better hash table implementation based on SRFI 125

From: Jéssica Milaré
Subject: Re: Proposal of a better hash table implementation based on SRFI 125
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2019 20:50:50 -0200

Finally finished the libraries.

SRFI-125 is implemented. I took the liberty to create a procedure scm_hash_n_items in 'libguile/hashtab.c' that works with both normal and weak hash tables, so the GENERIC-HASH-TABLES module don't need to keep track of the hash table size anymore.

`make check` runs everything ok. I believe it's ready for testing. Any feedback is welcome.


Em sáb, 12 de jan de 2019 às 18:34, Jéssica Milaré <address@hidden> escreveu:
(It seems I mistakenly responded only to a personal e-mail, sorry, responded now to everyone in the list with updates).

So here are the news:

I've created a module called (ice-9 generic-hash-tables), which is similar to SRFI-125, and used it to implement SRFI-69, (RNRS HASHTABLES), SRFI-126 and SRFI-125. Since SRFI-125 depends on SRFI-128, I've implemented it as well. My public repository already has SRFI-128, I'm just finishing some tests with SRFI-125 and, once they are done, I'll push it as well.

The module (ice-9 generic-hash-tables), is quite usable and all exported procedures are documented. I've created tests for it and also ported standard tests from SRFI-126.

Now, I see that 'libguile/hashtab.h' code keeps track of the number of elements in hash tables, but the field is not visible from Scheme. Can that be changed? Then generic hash tables wouldn't need to also keep track of the number of elements (like SRFI-69 currently does) and that would simplify its code.

Besides, what about creating new versions HASHX-* procedures that accept an equivalence procedure instead of an assoc procedure? Perhaps prefixed by 'NEW-' or post-fixed by a '*'.

I've also found inconsistencies between SRFI-125 and it's reference implementation and standard tests. I've implemented according to the specification - so, for instance, HASH-TABLE=? checks if the equivalence function of both hash tables are the same and HASH-TABLE returns an immutable hash table.

Code is public and suggestions are always welcome :)


Em dom, 30 de dez de 2018 às 15:50, Amirouche Boubekki <address@hidden> escreveu:
Le 2018-12-28 17:11, Jéssica Milaré a écrit :
> Hello,
> As I said in a previous e-mail, currently SRFI-69 is broken for weak
> hash tables - and I've sent a patch to fix it. However, I think there
> are many other problems with current implementation of hash tables.
> There are guile standard hash tables, SRFI-69 hash tables (which is
> implemented on top of standard hash tables) and also R6RS hash tables
> (which is implemented on top or SRFI-69 and completely lacks support
> for weak keys and/or values).
> I think that should be fixed and guile should have only two kinds of
> hash tables: the standard guile hash table and another extended hash
> table type that will be used directly by R6RS, SRFI-125 and SRFI-69.
> In my opinion, it should be based on SRFI-125, which is part of R7RS
> Red Edition, but also supports some other procedures to make it
> compatible with R6RS and SRFI-69, supporting weakness and immutable
> hash tables.
> I'm already implementing the SRFI-125 based hash tables library for
> myself, so, if that is accepted, I can also make a patch for guile.

Yes please make a patch and attach it to the bug report.

Don't forget to send an announcement when you SRFI-125 implementation
is ready for testing. Is it already available anywhere?


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