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Libgettextpo wrapper for Guile

From: Miguel
Subject: Libgettextpo wrapper for Guile
Date: Sun, 5 May 2019 00:49:25 +0200

Hi to all!

I'm crossposting to these lists because I wasn't unable to find a
library to work with PO files in Guile after a script written in
Python (using polib) was posted in another mailing list.  It was really
useful, and I cannot thank enough its author.  However, I felt what
people from Galicia call "morriƱa" while I was downloading Python for
the first time in this machine, missing the parens of my preferred
language.  To help with the mild pain, I implemented a wrapper library
for Guile and a couple of higher level functions, tests and I'm
documenting everything.

I'd like to contribute it to GNU---a wrapper of a GNU library in the
official GNU extension language, I think it's sensible---, but I would
like to ask you where it would fit better:

        - In GNU gettext as part of gettext-tools?  It could cause
          problems in the Guile bootstrap, as several tools from there
          are needed when NLS is enabled.  Nevertheless, it seems to be
          the better fit in terms of code locality and cross

        - In Guile as an ice-9 module?  As readline, it could be a
          GPLv3+ library, but also available from scratch.  From my
          point of view, it would be a great option in terms of
          (zero) increment of dependencies and tight integration with
          the language.

        - As an external library?

I'll choose the last one if the general response doesn't point clearly
in any other direction, but I wanted to ask first for advice and ideas,
as wise folks like you probably have some I haven't thought of.

Happy hacking!

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