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Re: Libgettextpo wrapper for Guile

From: amirouche
Subject: Re: Libgettextpo wrapper for Guile
Date: Mon, 06 May 2019 01:04:38 +0200
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Hello all!

On 2019-05-05 20:45, Bruno Haible wrote:
Hi Miguel,

an external project would be useful anyway as
does not require a version update of neither Gettext nor Guile to start
using it

A separate project also means an independent release cycle.

How are other Guile bindings organized?
- guile-cairo separate project
- guile-gnome         separate project
- guile-git separate project
- libgccjit           separate project
- guile-gnutls        at gnutls
- zeromq              at zeromq
- gmp                 part of guile

The majority seems to have chosen to be available as separate project.

Miguel you decide to host, I can create a repository at source hut
so that you don't have to pay (the less evil, most free except you
must to host project yourself).

Also, I can review you code if you send it to me.

Best regards,

Amirouche ~ amz3

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