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Re: [PATCH] add SRFI: srfi-121; generators

From: Mark H Weaver
Subject: Re: [PATCH] add SRFI: srfi-121; generators
Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2019 02:00:38 -0400
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Hi again,

I wrote earlier:
> With this in mind, if SRFI-121 is to be added to Guile, it should be a
> high performance implementation.  The implementation that you provided,
> which I guess is primarily taken from the sample implementation, is far
> too inefficient, at least on Guile.

I should emphasize that there's no shame in not being able to meet my
high expectations for efficiency in a SRFI-121 implementation.  The code
that you provided would be quite reasonable in most contexts.

In this particular case, because of the undesirability (IMO) of
generators as an API due to their imperative nature, with their primary
justification being the efficiency they can provide, I feel justified
demanding high efficiency in this implementation.  Relatively few people
would be able to meet those expectations.  It requires knowledge of
Guile's implementation and compiler that relatively few people have.

With that in mind, I hope that you will not be too discouraged by this,
and that you will consider contributing to our community in the future.

Also, I will try to find the time to send a followup message with more
details on why the provided code would run inefficiently on Guile, and
how to improve it.

     Best regards,

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