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Re: Removal of hppa support

From: John Paul Adrian Glaubitz
Subject: Re: Removal of hppa support
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2020 14:34:11 +0100
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On 1/26/20 1:21 PM, William ML Leslie wrote:
> The only thing Wingo wrote publicly about this seems to be:
>> I ported some of the existing GNU Lightning backends over to Lightening... I 
>> deleted the backends for Itanium, HPPA, Alpha, and SPARC; they have no 
>> Debian ports and there is no situation in which I can afford to do QA on 
>> them. [0]
> I haven't pushed to see what conditions would need to change to make
> JIT support on these architectures desirable for the core developers.
> Thoughts, Andy? Ludo?

They have no Debian ports?



It would have been nice if anyone from upstream had reached out to us.

The lack of communication is rather disappointing.

>> Debian (and NetBSD) still support hppa perfectly fine so the code is actually
>> being compiled, used and test-run. And guile has been building fine on 
>> Debian/hppa.
>> Access to hppa machines for testing and bug fixing is also available through 
>> Debian.
>>> As an ia64 user, i'm a bit sad that we lost jit too - but i don't run any
>>> performance-sensitive guile jobs on that system.
>> Are you using Debian's ia64 port? We recently resurrected it ;).
> Yes I am - I saw that.  Thank you for all your hard work on it!

You're welcome. We're always looking for more contributors.

> I was recently trying to figure out the issue with the vim-tiny tests
> and I broke my ssh access: I failed to realise why setting up a chroot
> was so important when you only have access to Sid.  It is quite a bit
> of work to get iLO access in my office so I've been putting it off
> until I have a couple of days clear to look into it, and I've been
> working on replacing the ancient tech needed to speak to early iLO
> cards (a java6 browser plugin and old SSL with no hostname
> verification).

Yeah. The vim testsuite issue affects multiple architectures.

> It's not my first debian-ports fun either - I ran a hurd-i386 box for
> over a decade without issue.



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