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dynamic-link issue: does not always load

From: Matt Wette
Subject: dynamic-link issue: does not always load
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2020 17:00:11 -0700
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There is an old bug report #21076 on dynamic-link:

Say you have a file, dynamic-link can't load it

    (dynamic-link "") => exception

even if there is a file

  $ cat /usr/lib64/

it fails with (dynamic-link "libyaml")

I have submitted the following patch, which at least
makes the first version work.  If you think this is a libtool
but you may be right, but the bug report on this has not
been touched for 8 years:

This patch fixes issue with libtool and OSes which use
non-standard extensions for shared libraries.  The libltdl
function lt_dlopenext expects the argument to have a standard
extension or no extention.  Arguments reflecting shared object
files with non-standard extensions will fail to load.  For
example, my system has /usr/lib64/  w/o this
patch (dynamic-link "") does not work; with it,
it does.  Go figure.

--- libguile/dynl.c-orig    2020-03-20 05:56:42.101214929 -0700
+++ libguile/dynl.c    2020-03-20 05:57:40.432893330 -0700
@@ -69,7 +69,10 @@
     handle = lt_dlopen (NULL);
-      handle = lt_dlopenext (fname);
+      handle = lt_dlopen (fname);
+      if (handle == NULL)
+         handle = lt_dlopenext (fname);

       if (handle == NULL

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