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Re: Guile Potluck 2021

From: Dr. Arne Babenhauserheide
Subject: Re: Guile Potluck 2021
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2021 17:43:51 +0100
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PS: Still it is important to get this code fast, because it is the
    fallback for all situations where I cannot cheat and only calculate
    a subset of the trust, and it is required at startup.

Dr. Arne Babenhauserheide <> writes:

> Hi Linus,
> Linus Björnstam <> writes:
>> I had a look and there is quite a lot you can do. Just out of
>> curiosity: how much is GC time? You are generating a lot of
>> intermediate data. Instead of vector-append! maybe use something like
>> the new vectorlist srfi? If you show me a flame graph and give me some
>> test data I can have a go!
> Thank you!
> I expect GC time to be roughly half during the trust calculation (much
> more during import), because this fills up two cores.
> I can’t easily give you a flame graph (except if you can tell me how to
> generate it), but I now pushed a version in pure Scheme (instead of
> wisp) that runs a huge test:
> hg clone
> cd wispwot
> ./run-wispwot.scm --test
> This imports 200k trust edges (which takes a lot of time) and then does
> three full trust calculations (which each take around 70s).
> The most important limitation for optimization is that the memory use
> must stay reasonable with 64k IDs which each have 1000 trust edges. This
> memory use is what the current code is optimized for (that’s why there
> are all those u8vectors and u16vectors).
> For the math: at 64 million trust edges, this should currently require
> (in theory) less than 200MiB of memory for the actual trust structure (2
> byte for the id, 1 byte for the trust).
> Going up to 300MiB for time-optimization would still be viable, but it
> shouldn’t go beyond that (there are algorithmic options to reduce the
> amount of work done per update, so the runtime of the current code is
> important but it is not a life-and-death situation).
> Best wishes,
> Arne

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