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Re: GC + Java finalization

From: Jonas Hahnfeld
Subject: Re: GC + Java finalization
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2021 20:44:28 +0200
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Am Samstag, dem 03.07.2021 um 14:05 +0200 schrieb Jonas Hahnfeld via
Developers list for Guile, the GNU extensibility library:
> Hi Guile devs,
> I'm hacking on GNU LilyPond and recently wondered if Guile could run
> without Java finalization that prevents collection of chains of
> unreachable objects. I found that the functionality is only needed once
> the first guardian is created, so it's possible to delay enabling the
> mode until then. This required some fixes to free functions that
> assumed dependent objects to be freed only later (see first two
> patches).
> The third patch delays ensuring Java finalization to scm_make_guardian,
> but doesn't disable it explicitly (it's on by default in bdwgc). This
> could now be done right after GC_INIT(), but it's not clear (at least
> to me) whether client applications actually rely it, so I think it's
> better if that's not done in Guile itself.
> Please consider applying, the fixes potentially also to stable-2.2.

I didn't receive other comments than those by Maxime, so here is an
updated version of the first patch.


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