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Re: new maintainers for guile libs

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: new maintainers for guile libs
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2021 14:00:43 +0200
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Hi Mike,

(Catching up on email…)

Mike Gran <> skribis:

> Well 2021 has been a strange time for me as it has been for many.  At
> the beginning of 2021, I had the free time and the good health that
> allowed me to imagine being a real contributer again, but, stuff has
> changed.

I’m sad to read this; I hope you’ll recover soon and feel energized,
including to hack the good hack.

> So there are a few libraries in the Guile ecosystem I've worked on,
> and I'm hoping someone else might be interested in owning them
> henceforth.
> Roughly in order of maintainability, from simple to complex, these are
> - guile-aspell: a very simple binding to the Aspell spellcheck
>   library. This would be an easy task, since it is a Guile-only
>   binding with no C, and aspell rarely changes
> - guile-curl: a C-based but straight-forward binding the the cURL API.
> - guile-ncurses: a C-based binding for NCurses, libpanel, and libmenu.  It
>   is a bit convoluted bcause the memory model for ncurses it iself
>   quite strange.
> Then there a couple of very obscure and little used libraries that I could
> punt on, but, I don't really expect any interest
> - guile-plotutils: draw plots in Guile using the plotutils backend
> - zile-on-guile: a version of the zile editor, replacing its tiny LISP
>   interpreter with Guile.
> Guile-GI is a special case because at this point, I'm probably not the
> prinmary contributor. But it could use more contributers and could use
> a discussion about how to move it forward. I still hope to contribute
> as I can.

I won’t commit to anything (I’d do a poor job), but these are all useful
pieces of software and I hope someone picks them up!


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