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Guile Developer Meetup at Guix days 2023

From: jgart
Subject: Guile Developer Meetup at Guix days 2023
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2022 00:42:39 +0000

Hi Guilers,

I had mentioned on IRC a few weeks ago regarding meeting up to discuss ways 
that we can improve the Guile debugger, be it through better documentation 
tutorials, patches to the C or Scheme code, etc. People seemed to be interested 
in meeting up.

Are people interested in doing our first meetup online for that in February?

Thursday, February 2nd or Friday, February 3rd 2023, the two days before FOSDEM

Coffee at 9:30AM, and starting at 10AM (UTC+1). 

I was thinking we can have a hybrid meetup (in-person/online) at Guix Days. 
I'll be there in Brussels.

Are developers who are familiar with the Guile debugger parts interested in 
having a round big blue button table informal discussion to talk about current 
development, tickets, issues, etc. regarding the Guile debugger and how people 
can become involved?

Andy, do you or anyone else who might be intimately familiar with the guile 
debugger code or has committed to it before happen to be available during Guix 
Days to give us a quick informal tour of that part of the codebase over Big 
Blue Button*?

Here's more info on Guix Days:

There's a matrix room for Guix Days here if you'd like to come chat there about 
the event:

all best,



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