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Re: Guile Developer Meetup at Guix days 2023

From: jgart
Subject: Re: Guile Developer Meetup at Guix days 2023
Date: Mon, 02 Jan 2023 16:54:07 +0000

> I would love to have an hybrid meetup (in-person and online). However,
> the network of the place in Brussels where the Guix Days will be is
> really too poor for supporting such hybrid meetup. Well, from my
> experience of the past Guix Days in the same place.
> Maybe, the network have been improvement and it would be possible this
> year. :-)

Hi Simon,

I'm going to move the guile core dev meetup to March. It will be online. I'll 
send an update here soon.

See the Guix Days wiki for my updated proposal.

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the reply, keep us posted on the bar meet for Friday. It would be 
great to meetup for a beer.

all best,


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