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problem compiling stable version of Guile

From: Damien Mattei
Subject: problem compiling stable version of Guile
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2023 15:07:48 +0100

i can build the git version of Guile on a system Ubuntu:
uname -a
Linux moita 5.15.0-56-generic #62-Ubuntu SMP Tue Nov 22 19:54:14 UTC 2022 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
but i can not build the stable version:
configure without options is OK but when after make i got this error:

SNARF  regex-posix.doc
  GEN      guile-procedures.texi
Pre-boot error; key: misc-error, args: ("primitive-load-path" "Unable to find file ~S in load path" ("ice-9/boot-9") #f)/bin/bash: line 1: 124776 Broken pipe             cat alist.doc array-handle.doc array-map.doc arrays.doc async.doc atomic.doc backtrace.doc boolean.doc bitvectors.doc bytevectors.doc chars.doc control.doc continuations.doc debug.doc deprecated.doc deprecation.doc dynl.doc dynwind.doc eq.doc error.doc eval.doc evalext.doc exceptions.doc expand.doc extensions.doc fdes-finalizers.doc feature.doc filesys.doc fluids.doc foreign.doc fports.doc gc-malloc.doc gc.doc gettext.doc generalized-vectors.doc goops.doc gsubr.doc guardians.doc hash.doc hashtab.doc hooks.doc i18n.doc init.doc ioext.doc keywords.doc list.doc load.doc macros.doc mallocs.doc memoize.doc modules.doc numbers.doc objprop.doc options.doc pairs.doc ports.doc print.doc procprop.doc procs.doc promises.doc r6rs-ports.doc random.doc rdelim.doc read.doc rw.doc scmsigs.doc script.doc simpos.doc smob.doc sort.doc srcprop.doc srfi-1.doc srfi-4.doc srfi-13.doc srfi-14.doc srfi-60.doc stackchk.doc stacks.doc stime.doc strings.doc strorder.doc strports.doc struct.doc symbols.doc syntax.doc threads.doc throw.doc unicode.doc uniform.doc values.doc variable.doc vectors.doc version.doc vports.doc weak-set.doc weak-table.doc weak-vector.doc dynl.doc posix.doc net_db.doc socket.doc regex-posix.doc
     124777 Aborted                 (core dumped) | GUILE_AUTO_COMPILE=0 ../meta/build-env guild snarf-check-and-output-texi > guile-procedures.texi
make[3]: *** [Makefile:4560: guile-procedures.texi] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory '/home/mattei/Téléchargements/guile-3.0.8/libguile'
make[2]: *** [Makefile:2632: all] Error 2
make[2]: Leaving directory '/home/mattei/Téléchargements/guile-3.0.8/libguile'
make[1]: *** [Makefile:2061: all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/mattei/Téléchargements/guile-3.0.8'
make: *** [Makefile:1947 : all] Erreur 2

seems the git version is more stable than the official stable one ;-)

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