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Re: [PATCH] Document R7RS bytevector functions

From: lloda
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Document R7RS bytevector functions
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2023 23:06:09 +0100

Hi Ludovic, 

thanks for the review. Second version attached.

> We should keep the manual in sync with docstrings in bytevectors.c.
> Thus, my suggestion would be to not insert comments and footnotes about
> R7RS in the existing sections, but instead to do that in the new section.

Following this, I've removed the footnotes & references to R7RS in the main 

Patch aside:

I still think the links are useful, so I'd like to find a way to put them back. 
I think someone who finds their way into the doc for r6rs bytevector-copy 
should be told that there are in fact different versions of this procedure. 
Just in general, I think there should be many more links in the doc.



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