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Re: scheme closures: crash during garbage collection

From: gregory benison
Subject: Re: scheme closures: crash during garbage collection
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2006 15:33:55 -0400

Is your master list global, or a list for each SMOB that wraps a

Global; it is created once and protected only once with scm_gc_protect_object() at creation time; it is never freed; the same master list is used for all scheme procedures in use as gclosures (no matter which gobject they are attached to).

Sometimes there is no SMOB involved.  Consider a scheme closure kept alive exclusively by gobject references (e.g., a toplevel window contains a button which is connected to a callback written in scheme; there need not be any scheme binding for the window or the button).  Guile's GC must be told to leave alone this scheme closure, even though there is no chain of references leading from it back to any other scheme object.  This same scheme closure, previously owned entirely by gobject's memory management system, can be "adopted" by guile, if a scheme binding is created for some gobject that has a chain of references leading to the scheme closure.  Then, let's say that some gobject references die, so that now, the new scheme binding is the only thing keeping our scheme closure alive (through some intervening, arbitrarily long, chain of gobject references).  This makes the scheme closure fair game for destruction during guile's gc sweep.  The current guile-gnome release responds by calling scm_gc_unprotect_object during the sweep; my patch responds by
calling a function 'bridge_unmark' which can be seen as a gc-sweep-safe replacement for scm_gc_unprotect_object (it removes the closure from the protected list, allowing it to be destructed during a future gc sweep.)

What is the best way to submit a patch for guile-gnome?
(I tried to follow the instructions in 'HACKING', but it seems that the arch archive mentioned in there-- -- is no longer there.)

Gregory Benison
Oregon State University

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