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Re: change to gtk-1.2/threads.scm

From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: Re: change to gtk-1.2/threads.scm
Date: Mon, 03 Jul 2006 08:09:52 +1000
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Jon Wilson <address@hidden> writes:
> after starting the gtk-main loop in
> another thread (via ensure-handler of course), the main guile thread
> in which the repl was running would no longer respond.

Please post a failing sample program if you can.

>                          (while #t
>                                 (if (gtk-events-pending)
>                                   (gtk-main-iteration)
>                                   (yield))))

That's meant to be unnecessary, the glib threads hooks stuff is
supposed to be initialized so the "select"s within gtk-main (etc) will
cooperate with the guile threading.

> I exit the gtk-main loop
> by closing the window (thus calling gtk-main-quit, I believe),

If you're using the loop above then you may need to check the return
value from gtk-main-iteration, I think it tells you when to stop
looping (because gtk-main-quit has been called).

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