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ttn-pers-scheme 0.29 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: ttn-pers-scheme 0.29 available
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 03:50:43 -0800

greetings guile folks,

please find tarball and friends in dir:

things are looking more organized, and the dependencies are both easier
to more difficult to meet -- guile 1.4 users might have problems.  the
atomization trend continues.  NEWS excerpt below.


- VERSION 0.29 (released 2002/01/12)

  - Functionality news

    - Change to (ttn html-data)

        Proc `html' now includes the "!DOCTYPE" jazz, woo hoo!

    - New module: (ttn split-mbox)

        Exported proc `split-mobx' doc:
        Read lines from PORT, splitting at "^From " (note space), and
        returning a list of messages, each a list of lines.

    - Change to (ttn parse-rfc822)

        Proc `parse-rfc822' now also accepts a list of lines as arg
        `mailmsg', in addition to gap-buffer or string.  The returned
        closure now accepts key `body-lines', which returns the lines
        comprising the body.  The intent is to allow easy line-oriented

    - Change to (ttn pgtable)

        New proc `pg-result-symbol' can be used instead of
        `pg-result-status' from module (database postgres), to return a
        symbol (e.g., `PGRES_COMMAND_OK').  This change allows (ttn
        pgtable) to be used w/ any installed version of guile-pg 0.07,
        instead of only those hacked by ttn (e.g., 0.07ttn4) to do the
        symbolic translation in C.  See README for updated dependency

  - Administrative news

    - New files:,

        Configuration now makes use of some Guile facilities for
        automatically maintaining module dependency info.  The file is processed by "guile-tools autofrisk" to create, which defines AUTOFRISK_CHECKS now referenced by

        Following widespread packaging convention, there is now the
        top-level script, which invokes various tools to set
        things up.  This script accepts option "--verbose".

        Lastly, (ttn gpgutils) and (ttn pgtable) testing configuration
        is now handled in part by ./configure, although there is still
        some manual component.  This will continue to lessen in the
        future.  See README for details.

    - Testing output less verbose

        Output of "make check" is now more of summary (by module).
        You can do "make DEBUG=1 check" to see details.

    - "make dist" no longer requires full tag

        The full tag is computed in the same way used in "make
        newtag=FRAG tag".  Thus, you can use FRAG everywhere.  The
        varname is changed as a reminder: "make dtag=FRAG dist" (instead
        of "disttag=").

    - No more autoload file

        This means the benchmarks are not available this release.


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