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Subject: ....(_)
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 11:39:31 +0900

본 메일은 정보통신부 권고 사항에 의거 제목에 [광고]라 표시된 광고 메일입니다.
귀하의 E-Mail 은 게시판 등 인터넷 상에서 알게 되었으며,
E-Mail 을 제외한 어떠한 정보도 알지 못함을 밝힙니다

수신거부 버튼을 클릭하시면 수신거부처리가 이루어 집니다.

We sincerely apologize for sending advertising e-mail to you without your permission.
We have indicated that this is advertising mail in accordance to the Law of Information and
Network Usage, and we have installed a Spam Guard function.
We obtained your e-mail address in an open place of public access on the Internet.
Please be assured that we do not have any of your personal information other than your e-mail
address.  If you do not wish to receive it, please click the [reject bulk mail] function

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