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ttn-pers-scheme 0.31 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: ttn-pers-scheme 0.31 available
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 18:09:53 -0700

NEWS excerpt below.  tarball and friends under:


- VERSION 0.31 (released 2002-09-27)

  - Bugfix to (ttn spewutils)

        Use `eval-in-module' to be explicit.

  - New configure option

        Previously, enabling (ttn pgtable) testing was a hairy process.
        Now this is handled by passing "--enable-pgtable-check-db=NAME"
        to configure.  See README.

  - Distribution changes

    - Directory ttn/testing/benchmarks/ is now at top-level

        Benchmarking is back; i.e., you can now do "make tea" again.
        See Makefile for BENCHMARK_ITERATION_MULTIPLIER usage.

    - Directory ttn/testing/ttn/ is now renamed to tests/ at top-level

        Additionally, the tests are broken out into individual files, and
        the Makefile now uses "guile-tools run-all-tests" to run them.
        You can choose specific tests to run like so:

          make check ALLTESTS="ftw.test gap-buffer.test" DEBUG=1

        Omit DEBUG=1 for a more silent running.  The log is written to
        tests/CHECK.LOG.  You can do "make check" in either top-level or
        directly in the tests/ subdirectory.

[excerpt ends here]

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