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guile (snap) available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: guile (snap) available
Date: Thu, 03 Oct 2002 10:21:09 -0700

towards header hygiene...  this release bundles librx and glue as "Rgx".
the librx was from guile-rgx-ctax and has some known bugs (see commented
out cases in rgx/TESTS).  there is a much improved librx in hackerlab i
am told, so at the moment i am guaging whether or not to commit the
(possibly non-trivial) effort to extract it for integration into guile.
the other approach is to try the latest guile-lang-allover librx, but
probably that is somewhat old and buggy, too.

in any case, the plan is to construct a simple .h parser to be run as
part of "make installcheck", w/ preference given to guile-lang-allover
lang/*.scm et al, falling back to external programs should that prove to
be immediately too much work (more than a week).  in the latter case,
the check would be "if MAINTAINER_MODE" only, and switched back once
librx issues are smoothed (by a lower-priority parallel effort).

ultimately, the output of the .h parser (i.e., the "actual exported" C
API as opposed to the "wishful" or "guestimate" or "no can tell -- who
wants to know?!" variant) is to be captured in the guile-api.alist db.
from this to reviving hobbit is a SMOP, but that won't be in 1.4.2...

anyway, new NEWS excerpt below.  tarball and friends in:

this is also available by anoncvs, use:

  cd hack
  cvs update -r snap_release_1-4-1-91

see file ANONCVS in the 2002-10 directory for setup instructions.


* (! Experimental !) New procedures for "Rgx Regexps"

(One of) the librx libraries by Tom Lord (the one distributed in
guile-lang-allover) has been integrated to provide "Rgx Regexps"


These are autoloaded on reference from within the (guile) and (guile-user)
modules; from other modules, do `(use-modules (modules rgx))' or the like.

[These procedures as well as how they are provided are experimental; in
 particular, it's not clear what safeguards (if any) are required for
 coexistence between Rgx regexps and the POSIX regexps currently supported.
 Also, it may be that autoloading is not permitted by the librx license; a
 user invocation (like for readline) might be required; see rgx/COPYING.LIB
 for more info.]

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