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wikid 0.84 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: wikid 0.84 available
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 02:42:30 -0700

NEWS excerpt follows.  tarball in:

oops, forgot to mention in NEWS: new configuration vars `log-file' and
`pid-file' for the obvious uses...


- WIKID 0.84, released 2002-10-23

  - New wikid-admin commands

        These are documented in the manual, the latter three under
        section "daemon control":

          wikid-admin create-config FILE
          wikid-admin -C CONFIG-FILE start
          wikid-admin -C CONFIG-FILE stop
          wikid-admin -C CONFIG-FILE status

        The manual now also has a cursory explanation of the "wref"
        markup item used when editing a page.

  - `recvfrom!' workaround

        In some versions of guile `recvfrom!' does not guarantee
        internal cache (scm_addr_buffer in libguile/socket.c)
        consistency.  The workaround (in wikid.cgi) is to call
        `getsockname' immediately prior to `recvfrom!'.  Casual
        testing shows no discernable performance impact.

[excerpt ends here]

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