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wikid 0.85 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: wikid 0.85 available
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 15:13:20 -0700

that's it for features.  just documentation and bugfixes now, for 1.0.
tarball in:

NEWS excerpt follows.  will be updating demo page shortly.


- WIKID 0.85, released 2002-10-26

  - User visible changes

        Nestable "star lists" are now supported.  See info page
        "(wikid)User" for details.

  - Administrative changes

        The "start" and "stop" commands to wikid-admin now do a little
        more sanity checking based on the existence of the PID file.
        Previously, doing two starts would result in "port busy" error
        (or similar), now the error is "pid file exists".

  - More signals handled

        The daemon now also handles SIGINT, SIGQUIT and SIGALRM, in
        addition to SIGHUP ("wikid-admin stop" uses SIGHUP).  The
        handling is also more clean; to ensure (encourage) associated
        ports and sockets to be closed properly, global bindings are
        reset and a gc is done prior to exit.

  - Performance improvement

        Pages rendered from wikid-text db entries are now cached in
        core.  Total daemon response time now approximately 1-2 ms,
        roughly two orders of magnitude speed-up over non-caching
        operation.  (Test box: 200MHz Pentium Pro w/ flaky SDRAMs and
        a dead power-supply fan. :-)

[excerpt ends here]

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