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Really Useful Sites for International Trade Professionals, Issue 54 Volu

From: Federation of International Trade Associations
Subject: Really Useful Sites for International Trade Professionals, Issue 54 Volume 3 Number 6
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 12:47:06 -0500 (EST)

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Really Useful Sites for International Trade Professionals Issue 54 Volume 3 
Number 6
March 12, 2003
Issue 54
VOLUME 3 Number 6

Here's your latest issue of Really Useful Sites for International Trade 
This free bi-weekly newsletter reviews useful Web sites from the Web Resources 
at FITA's International Trade/ Import-Export Portal at an excellent 
source for trade leads, news, events, and a link library of 5,000+ sites 
related to 
international trade. 

My name is John McDonnell, and for years I've been writing about useful Web 
sites for 
businesspeople, in various publications. Now I've focused on international 
trade, using 
my Web research skills to find sites that are useful for international 
and some sites that are just plain fun for anyone.

Here are the sites:


Some years ago I got into a conversation with a businessman on a plane, and he 
said to me, "If I were just starting out today, I'd move to Singapore. That's 
where the future is."Singapore has one of the highest living standards in the 
world, and it's a country of glittering skyscrapers and a thriving port. It 
depends heavily on trade -- it's one of the largest U.S. trading partners -- 
and you'll find plenty of opportunities here. 
A good place to start your research is Singapore: Past, Present Future 
(, a site from Nanyang University. I 
profiled this site before for its Asian resources, but it's worth highlighting 
today for the quality of its links that are specific to Singapore. If you click 
on Web Resources <> ( ), for instance, you'll find links to 
Singapore's history, news, politics, government agencies, databases, speeches, 
a calendar of events, economic reports, and more. There's plenty of useful 
information at this site -- it's worth a look if you're interested in 
There are many more links to Singapore at the FITA site. Go to 
<>, click on Regional Resources and 
Multi-Lateral Trading Areas in the left column or "Search by Country or Region" 
in the right column, then scroll down to Asia and click on Singapore in the 
drop-down box. Or simply type "Singapore" in the search box at 


I just found a way to stay up to date on Latin American news without taxing my 
high school Spanish. It's a site called LatinAmerican Post 
<> ( ), and 
it's got news about Latin America in English. The easy-to-use format has 
breaking news, current events analysis, economic and financial data, feature 
stories, an art gallery featuring Latin American artists, travel profiles, 
sports, and plenty more.  


FITA and now offer an International Buy/Sell exchange. The FITA 
Buy/Sell Exchange <> at is FITA's business-to-business marketplace that helps 
your company find more business by delivering tender opportunities, RFQ's and 
qualified offers to buy and sell. You will have access to a global network of 
affiliated trade sites that work together to bring together businesses across 
borders. Take a look! 


Recently, my wife was returning home on a business flight. When she didn't call 
from the airport to tell me she had landed, I got worried. Luckily, I was able 
to allay my fears by going to the FlightTracker 
<> page ( at 
Trip.Com, where I found out her flight was delayed due to weather. At this 
page, you can find out the status of U.S. and international flights, and all 
you need is the airline and flight number, or arrival city and time. 
FlightTracker will show you exactly where the plane is (there's even a graphic 
interface that will show you the plane's progress), and the reason for any 
delays. It's a handy tool for people who fly a lot (and their relatives).  


"We're eating too much fast food," is a lament I often make to my family. 
Although I feel guilty about it, there are times when we're too busy to cook a 
meal, and I am forced to buy fast food. With Fast Food Facts 
<> ( ) at least I can 
determine which are the healthiest cheeseburgers out there. At this site you 
can find the calories, fat content, sodium, cholesterol, and other nutritional 
numbers for food items at the most popular fast food restaurants. If you want a 
comparison, just type in "french fries", for example, and select "Display all 
restaurants", and you'll get a handy comparison of the nutritional content of 
french fries across a range of restaurants. There are also links at this site 
to recipes for healthy meals -- so now I'll feel even more guilty about feeding 
cheeseburgers to my kids.  

If you'd like to search back issues of Really Useful Sites for International 
Trade Professionals, there's a search page at 

If you'd like to see all back issues of Really Useful Sites for International 
Trade Professionals, the full list is at 

Please feel free to pass this newsletter on to others.

Published by Federation of International Trade Associations 
Copyright © 2003 Federation of International Trade Associations. All rights 



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